Growing business in Europe and Asia

We help you expand your business to new territories, some use-cases that we can help with:

  • You have a business case in Europe or Asia, exploring, starting or already in operation.
  • Facing no or slow progress, you have difficulties in driving forward.
  • You are in a different time zone, Western or Asian way of thinking causing cultural and operational issues. EaK Europe & Asia offers down to earth solutions in bringing your business to success.

Technology Beyond

From an extensive portfolio of application knowledge, EaK can integrate your strive for new technology into pragmatic design in; shorten road and time to market.

Expand your Reach

Your team is working hard to accomplish business goals. Growth beyond requires additional –temporary- help. EaK can help you defining the road towards exceeding and assist in achieving goals.

EaK Europe

Meester E.N. Kleffenstraat 6
6842 CV Arnhem
Phone +31 654 620 665
Chamber of Commerce (KvK) | 81322968

About EaK Europe

We offer customers tailor made services in environmental solutions, business improvement, cost reduction, geographical and portfolio expansion, interim management and last but not least –profitable- sales growth